The birthstones originate from the episode that took place in ancient history of the Jews. Gemstones were actually produced in the Asian continent and it was the Jews who took the gems into the European world when they traveled there.The old Exodus that is the book of Jews explains the entire concept of the breastplate of Aaron or the breastplate of the high priest,spyder ski goggles cheap. The verses explain that in the olden times when there was the high priest and he had twelve sons. Who were naturally his descendants and they commanded 12 different tribes of that time. Aaron was inspired by God, not merely inspired but he was ordered by God to make a breastplate. He gave Aaron all the details about it. He was ordered to insert various precious stones that numbered 12 on it. These stones were to bear the names of each of the 12 descendants of the high priest. When this breastplate was finally made the high priest wore it over his ephod which actually is a dress worn by the high priest. When he wore that on his breast the 12 commanders could communicate with God through that plate. Each of them asked a question from God and the stones shone one by one and together they formulated the answer by God.This breastplate has been the bases of the 12 birth stones that we now commonly know of. When the commanders had the breastplate it was easy for them to communicate with God. They could simply turn to him for suggestions,cheap spyder ski gloves, for good luck and for their future course of action. God was felt closer and gradually common people also began regarding the breastplate as a blessing and divine image and influence upon their lives.A time came when these stones actually started having great influence upon the people. When they wore the stones on the breastplate like diamonds,womens spyder ski outerwear sale, topaz, ruby, sapphire, beryl, emerald etc they were blessed in many ways not acknowledged by common man. These stones had strange healing powers and weak people took refuge in them and wore them for strength. Some stones were said to increase livelihood, other stones purified blood, cured diseases, safeguarded people from evil. Some stones were even said to have power to bring peace and tranquility and increase wisdom in people. One of the stones gave courage and so on,kids spyder ski suits cheap.However with the passage of time the stones in the breastplate have been fabricated as some others but there is original proof to remove any fabrications that may come forth,womens moncler jackets online. The breastplate however, is a source of heavenly blessings in the temples to this very day.

Billions of dollars are lost each year from companies whose customers decide to leave. The average acquisition cost per customer for wireless carriers, for example, is roughly $400. Multiply that by the millions of customers that leave and you can see the importance of retaining customers is critical.So what do you do to get them back once they’ve left? There are four methods you can implement today to get your customers back and one strategy that you can put in place to prevent them from leaving again,kids north face jacket.Some of these methods require face to face communication. To prevent negative feelings dominating the discussions and to reduce potential escalations follow these tips.How To Prepare For The One on One Situations:
Set expectations up front. Let your customers know that you’re there to listen. You are not there to defend the actions of your company and debate on what may or may not have happened. You are there to listen and get ideas on what you could have done to make the customer experience better.
Drop your defenses. When you ask your customers what made them feel that leaving was the only option, be prepared for brutally honest answers. You must develop a thick skin and remember you’re there to learn how to improve your business. If they give you just one idea you can implement that will prevent your customers from leaving it will be worth the verbal assault you’ll get.
Be empathetic. Customers leave out of frustration. They feel that no one in your company cares. They feel like a commodity. You can demonstrate that your company does care by listening and being empathetic.4 Methods To Win Your Customers Back
Call: Call your customer,cheap spyder ski gloves. This task needs to be accomplished by you,mens moncler ski jackets sale, the owner or, in a bigger company, someone at the senior management level. A call from someone in authority establishes credibility and gives importance to the call. Assigning this task to someone who doesn’t have the authority to change policy or procedures is a waste of time. They’ve already heard the excuses and standard answers given by the front line employees. Customers want to know they are talking to someone with the power to change things.
Send direct mail: By using direct mail with a reply card you can reach more customers than calling alone. The challenge is getting your former customers to send back a response. When formatting your reply card leave ample room for your customers to write their reason for leaving. You can increase your response rate by including an incentive for responding. Make the incentive something that won’t come across as self-serving. An example would be a $5.00 gas card instead of 25% off of something you sell.
Offer to take them to lunch: This method works for small businesses with mainly local customers. If you do business in a smaller town, “word of mouth” can make or break you. Your reputation in a smaller town is your most valuable asset. Sitting down with your former customers and sincerely trying to get answers will do wonders for your reputation. This is seldom done and will establish you as a leader in your town.
Town Hall Meeting: This is an opportunity to get a lot of responses all at once. Because emotions may get high, the challenge is in maintaining control and not letting customers band together and take over the meeting. You’ll need to set the rules upfront and get everyone’s agreement to abide by them. A town hall meeting will provide valuable input and insight into the way your customers see your business and its practices. Be prepared to take notes and follow-up with your town hall participants. They expect to see changes before they will return. You will need to make the changes and be obvious about it to reestablish your credibility.The ICU Protocol-How To Keep Your Hard Won Customers From Leaving AgainYou’ve completed one, several or maybe all of the customer recovery strategies and some customers have agreed to return. Remember,spyder ski outerwear for kid, at this point you’ve got to provide better service than what your customer experienced before. You must show them you care in a highly visible way. So what do you do now?You send them to the ICU – the intensive care unit of your business. You don’t have an ICU? It’s time to create one. Just like the ICU in a hospital systematizes the treatment of a patient to get them on the road to recovery, the concept behind having an ICU in your business is to systematize the customer recovery process to ensure a consistent outcome. Your ICU will have the following mission,spyder ski jacket for men.
The ICU is a dedicated team whose sole responsibility is to manage your customer’s experience until your customers are ready to be released into standard customer care. Your customers will have a dedicated member of the ICU available to act as a liaison between them and your company.
The ICU is dedicated to managing your customer’s experience back to optimal health and initiating a maintenance protocol to sustain it going forward.
The ICU will also consolidate best practices from customer recovery strategies and forward it to management for review and implementation.
Having an ICU in place takes a long term commitment of resources to realize the benefits. But with the money saved from not having to replace lost customer the ICU could be self sustaining.The benefit in this four plus one customer recovery process can be measured financially but more importantly the long term payoff is in establishing immeasurable goodwill with your customers. By implementing these strategies you rebuild the trust that was lost and regain your reputation as a company who cares about the customer experience.

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Sterling silver jewelry is loved by men and women for its pure, bright color. Sterling silver has become more expensive over the last few years as the economy has waned. There are still many good options available for finding affordable prices on sterling silver though; you just have to be creative in your approach.The list below includes some interesting options for finding good prices on sterling silver that you may not have considered. Deals can be found in the most unlikely places if you know where to look. A bit of creativity can lead you to places where great deals can still be found on the sterling silver you are looking for.Number Four: Pawn shops,kids spyder ski suits. Pawn shops are one place that people do not often consider when looking for a good deal on jewelry,spyder ski suits for women. A lot of people sell jewelry to pawn shops or jewelry stores. You can find great prices on amazing jewelry at these places. There are many resale shops, stores, pawn shops, and jewelry stores with small or large selections of used jewelry on offer.Number Three: Swap meets. Swap meets can be a very good place to find deals on a wide variety of items and people often do not even realize this. There are often amazing deals on large wholesale lots of sterling silver jewelry being offered at swap meets. Many vendors at these swap meets will part with items at exceptionally low prices because they simply want to move their stock. This is an opportunity to find unbeatable prices.Number two place to look for great prices on sterling silver: The Internet. There are numerous wholesale and discount or closeout websites that offer great prices on sterling silver jewelry. This can be a rather difficult method to employ because it takes a lot of searching and research to find the best websites to use. Many of the best websites do not even offer an online catalog or online buying because they move stock too quickly. It is worth the time to request a catalog and price list,kids spyder ski outerwear store.Number 1: Internet auction sites. There are not as many deals available on auction websites as there used to be, but if you are patient the deals are still out there. It can really pay off to keep an eye on online auctions because deals will pop up from time to time. Deals can be found on single pieces or large lots this way. The down side is that you cannot go back for more; most online auction deals are a onetime occurrence.Be creative when you are looking for a deal. A little bit of creativity in your shopping and buying habits can lead to great things in a tough economy. The things you want are not outside your grasp, but changing the way you approach the deal may be the best way to save money and find what you are looking for.If you want to buy sterling silver jewelry it is important to act fast because the price of silver is going up almost every day and it seems that this trend will continue in the near future. The positive side to this is that the silver you buy today will be worth more than you paid for it tomorrow. Silver can be a great investment in today’s economy,womens spyder ski suits sale.

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You bet your buns a business mentor can help your business achieve profits! In fact without one, your business is more likely to fail. The odds are stacked against a new business owner without one because everything is new to them and they don’t know what it takes to build a profitable business.That doesn’t mean that new business owners can’t succeed. It just means that it will take you much longer than if you had someone with experience mentoring you. Someone who has already built their own profitable business, showing you what needs to be done to make a profit.It is a proven fact that new businesses without a mentor to guide them are more likely to fail than ones that do have a mentor for support. But not every mentor will lead you to the land of riches – you need to do your due diligence and find one that is the right fit for you and one that is easily accessible. Oh ya… and one that has already built their very own profitable business will definitely help,mens moncler jackets online!That is one of the most important things to look for in a business mentor because you don’t want someone who is guessing what you should do. You want someone-that has been there and done that all before. Experience is wisdom and will take your business to the next level. An experienced mentor will be able to identify problems and make you aware of them so that you can take care of them right away. This kind of training will give you a better shot at success. I think you see the importance here. Going at it blindly on your own will take your business much longer to make a profit (if you make a profit at all) than if you have a mentor to help you along the way.A business mentor can also help you out in many other ways. For instance, a mentor can help you with your marketing efforts. Learning marketing techniques that work will not only benefit your business short-term but also long-term. So be a sponge and soak up the valuable marketing information your mentor gives you.A mentor will also help you improve how efficient you are and show you how to get the most out of your efforts. They will also push you and challenge you to be the best that you can be,cheap spyder ski gloves. This will in turn motivate you and get more production out of you in a shorter amount of time,north face jackets for kid.All in all, having a business mentor will widen your knowledge and business experience and will make you and your business the best that they can be. This will lead to profits my friend,womens moncler jackets sale!

Many times, people venture into a business for reasons that are not nearly right ones. The grass is always greener on the other side,spyder ski jackets for women, however the grass on this side will eat you up if you start on a wrong foot. People working in 9 to 5 jobs often dream about running their own firms, earning huge money and being famous. Not the best reasons, I would say because they are the end results or maybe the byproducts but not the ones for starting the business. Do not become an entrepreneur or businessman, because you feel it will make you rich instantly. If you do not take care, you will burn out faster. So here are some of them.
You want to be the boss:
Though it feels great that you are now the ultimate boss and there is no one above you, but there are definite disadvantages. Now no one is there to guide and protect you, when you make mistakes. You have to learn everything by your experience. You might make decisions that can harm your business. You will have to take care of all the aspects of your company from for e.g. Human resources, Finance, Delivery, administration, legal, governmental, IT and so on. You say that you have people to take care of these departments, but the accountability lies with you. So be prepared for getting troubled and hassled.

You want to get quick rich:
In my opinion, only robbers and cheats can get quick rich,cheap spyder ski gloves. If you wish to get rich legally and ethically, you will have to be prepared for a long haul. It takes months sometimes years to make that single buck. And the road is littered with obstacles like you have never seen before,mens moncler ski jackets. So do not start business, if you want to make a lot of money in the short term. It is near impossible.

You want to be free from employment:
Hello!!! Entrepreneurship is 24 *7 job with very less space for mistakes. It is not freedom from employment, it is full time employment with added headaches. You will have to listen to whatever the client says about your pricing,discount spyder ski hats, delivery, methods etc. You will have to do all the paperwork, filings and legal stuff. You are not the owner, you are everything( owner, employee,womens moncler jackets, employer etc.) Remember, you are not with a large company anymore and there are no resources to back you up.
This is not to discourage anyone but to bring you to reality while you are romancing with your dream to become an entrepreneur/business owner. Hope you liked the post.;)

Social media (SM) appears to be the only marketing medium that the media currently covers. If you’re a business owner, you may feel as though you’ve missed the boat when it comes to social media. However,cheap spyder ski gloves, for many entrepreneurs, social media is a complete waste of time. Read on to find out five reasons why you can do better elsewhere.Five reasons why social media is a waste of your entrepreneurial time:1. People use social media to stay in touch with their friends and brag about their accomplishments. They are not spending hours every day looking to buy stuff from you.2. Social media makes only a micro-dent in your promotion. There is such a glut of corporate information that you’ll rarely get that message out to your customers that goes ‘viral.’3. It’s way too easy to click away,discount spyder ski hats. SM is a scrolling window of endless click-able distractions. If you have the opportunity to create a relationship with your customers, you won’t have much time to grab their attention,north face ski wear.4. It will take up a large portion of your time for little effort. You have to keep up with SM on a constant basis if you want you customers to notice, yet there are many other methods that you can use more successfully.5. There are a lot more people out there doing it much better than you are,cheap moncler vests for women, in a more entertaining way. Your customers have a limited amount of free time. If they have a choice between following the most popular people and following you, they’ll pick the former.So,mens moncler ski jackets sale, what are you supposed to do instead? Create and email list and use that exclusive, intimate relationship to engage and entertain your audience. Through the use of email you can contact your customer on a frequent, scheduled basis without worrying about whether your latest Wall post will gather ‘likes.’

In today’s world, competition is tough. Not only are competitors more aggressive than ever, they are more numerous. For example, if you were to consider almost any town with a respectable population, you would find several merchants that offer the same goods or services,kids moncler vests online. Suppose, you were looking for a carpet cleaner in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.If you were to look in the yellow pages,womens north face jackets, you would find upwards of ten different carpet cleaners. Additionally,kids spyder ski suits, Pine Bluff is only 45 minutes away from Little Rock, Arkansas, and many carpet cleaners in Little Rock will travel the short distance to Pine Bluff to provide carpet cleaning service. Little Rock is about four times the size of Pine Bluff, so there are over 20 choices of carpet cleaners to choose from in Little Rock. Now, if you own a carpet cleaning service in Pine Bluff, your competition just tripled! In order to stay competitive in today’s world, it is not only important to provide a good or service, you must also offer that good or service at a great rate and give outstanding customer service.Any business, no matter what their product is, must do everything within in their power to ensure that their prices are considered reasonable to their potential customers. It goes without saying that most people, except in rare circumstances, will not pay more for a product than what it is worth. So, if you are in the business of apple selling and are offering your apples for $20 a pound,cheap spyder ski gloves, you will find that most people will not buy their apples from you. This is because they can go down to the corner market and buy apples for $1.59. Therefore, to ensure that you retain as much business as possible, make sure to offer your product at a fair, marketable price.Next, when polled about what aspect of the retail industry that they consider to be the most important, many people replied that good customer service is the most important component in the transaction. An excellent way to provide this is by employing a remote customer service provider. Using the services of a remote customer service provider is not only hassle-free, but it is also very affordable. And clients of a remote customer service provider can rest assured that not only will their customers be completely satisfied,womens spyder ski outerwear store, but they will be provided with the best customer service possible.

When looking at a Christmas tree, it needs to be dressed up with accents just like people do,cheap spyder ski gloves. To make a good impression on your guests,spyder ski hats store, start off by adding a handcrafted touch by using the standard classic white lights,cheap spyder ski suits for men.Now is when you turn your tree into a personalized piece of art,kids north face jackets cheap. By stringing handcrafted glass beads on 10 continuous jewellery wires you can make a handmade garland to wrap around the tree, somewhat like a necklace with shimmering jewellery full of reds and greens when the Christmas lights hit them. The ends of the long colorful strings of jewellery wire need to be crimped off in order to make sure that the handcrafted beads don’t come off and break. By adding one strand at a time you make sure that the Christmas tree’s jewellery is on perfectly as well as giving you more control over exact placement,kids spyder ski suits cheap.Handcrafted red and clear glass beads can be strung on 15 inch lengths of wire and then connected with a clamp so it can be shaped into a star which gives the tree a handmade touch. Add regular glass balls to the handcrafted jewellery and they will remind a person of diamond earrings, a women’s favorite piece of jewellery. Silver glass balls generously painted with crafter’s glue and then rolled in clear seed glass beads until they are completely covered can be added next. The handmade jewels are nicely placed for everyone to see. You will then notice how well the handcrafted jewellery looks on such a beautiful tree.Jewellery boxes were purchased at your local jewellery store can be wrapped in handcrafted wrapping paper that has been handmade for an additional touch. Handmade jewelry made out of green glass E-beads are randomly hung throughout the tree like a jewellery stores jewellery display case. The various sized handmade gift wrapped gifts can be placed under the tree while the guests begin arriving. The handcrafted paper will make them look as if they are pieces of jewellery in a jewellery box.Along the fireplace mantle you can place handmade stockings that are made with handcrafted jewellery placed neatly on the front of each stocking hanging with care. Handmade gingerbread cookies with jewel buttons can be placed neatly on a plate for display.

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Are you looking for some amazing jewelry for your wedding? Well, before you begin your search you need to know that Bridal jewelry is so extraordinary significant. As the occasion explains, wedding jewelry is not just about wearing ornaments of gold or silver, in fact, there is significant emotional value attached to them,cheap spyder ski gloves. The Bridal jewelry you select for yourself ought to embed love and commitment in it as well. This is one of the most essential aspects you need to bear in mind while looking for some pieces for your wedding day.Although you can find an unfathomable collection of Bridal jewelry online as well at your local stores,moncler ski jacket for men, however this does not mean that any piece can be fitting for you. Other than the emotional value you also need to see to the price of the jewelry,spyder ski gloves online. You need to buy yourself the jewelry which is according to your taste and at the same time is within your budget.Since wedding jewelry is not like other pieces of jewelry worn on various occasions in life, you need to select the most delicate and elegant pieces for this beautiful occasion. Be it your ring or necklace, it has to be selected most carefully.When it comes to the bands, the most sought after ones include diamond bands, platinum bands, and diamond solitaires. Some other varieties in this include bands made of precious stones such as rubies, emeralds etc.Other wedding jewelry pieces include necklaces, bracelets, brooches and rings. It is your choice as to how many pieces you wish to buy. It also depends on your budget set for your Bridal jewelry. Another aspect to keep in mind is that the Bridal jewelry you buy should be according to the latest trends. Some shops may be offering outdated pieces on lesser prices,mens moncler jackets cheap, but you must not compromise on the style or it will mar the entire effect of your wedding day. Lastly, the Bridal jewelry has to be traditional as well as modern to best fit for the occasion of your wedding.

Are you ready to make money – lots of it? Can you spare a little time and just a few dollars? If you are prepared to fulfill your dreams and realize your goals, mail order classified ads are your ticket to success.You have what it takes – right now. Classifieds are the best dollar-for-dollar return in advertising, and you can earn a high profit on your product investment.Classified ads are the easiest to write, the easiest to place, and cost the least. They require only a simple follow-up, and bring in hundreds of dollars of sales.People read classified ads for a purpose. They aren’t interrupted – as in most advertising – and are specifically looking for products, services and information that appeal to them. As well-placed classified ads will bring hundreds – thousand – of replies month after month, year after year.You don’t have to have a special background to make money with mail order classifieds. Any beginner can realize a steady second income or develop a stable, full-time business through classified ads,womens spyder ski outerwear.But you have to be persistent. You must WANT TO MAKE MONEY, and be willing to stick with it. If you do, you will find that being successful is easy – just follow the steps, one by one, climbing the ladder to the top.WHAT SHOULD I SELL?Take a look at the classified ads in the magazines and tabloids you read. They are filled with offers for services,spyder ski suits for women, products and information. And they sound good. The ads show enthusiasm about the materials being offered.THE 2-STEP APPROACHThe proven method of selling mail order items of information is called the two-step approach. Basically, you place a short classified ad in the back of a magazine or tabloid. The ad does not mention price, but tells the reader to write for free details,cheap spyder ski gloves. Once you have an inquiry, you then send information concerning what you have to offer, and watch those orders pile in. Essentially, a mail order classified ad buys a name and potential business. It may just break even with the actual orders placed. The real money comes from subsequent sales.WHY NOT CHARGE IN THE CLASSIFIED?You’ll get far more responses from an ad for free information than you will for goods – at any price. And, since you want a POTENTIAL BUYER, you’ll have more inquiries for materials you want to sell later.Charging a small fee to cover postage or the cost of the inquiry will never make you break even – people won’t be bothered. And a small fee doesn’t necessarily weed out non-buyers. If you find your classified is pulling people who aren’t interested in your offer, you can change the advertisement to be more specific as to what you really have for sale.WHERE TO PLACE CLASSIFIEDSThe best advice in placing classifieds is to follow the leader. Find where other goods in your category are being sold and do the same. The mail order business is not a place to be real different – especially as a beginner. Although your product must have an appeal different than the others. Stay with the pack and advertise in the same publications.Look for repeat business. You can review back issues of publications at your library or buy some copies of the publications you might advertise in. If a certain ad has appeared time after time, you can bet it’s a winner.WHAT IS TESTING?The most important element in mail order advertising is to test. Not only do you need to find out if your product will sell, but you have to find out what the best price is.Testing is the name of the game – and this is where you need perseverance. Don’t get discouraged. GIVE IT A TRY. Because of the low cost of placing classifieds, it’s worth it to keep it going. YOU CAN PROFIT.TYPES OF ADSThere are three types of classified ads – qualified, partially qualified, and blind.KEYING THE ADDRESSHow do you determine what inquiry response came from which ad? You code the company name or street address so you can determine what ad pulled the response. This is called keying the address, and it’s one of the most important tips in mail order classified advertising.WRITING CLASSIFIEDSWriting your own copy for a classified ad is easy. There are so few words you need to use that you don’t have to worry about being a writer or a professional in advertising. You are your own expert in selling your product.SAVE MONEY PLACING ADSMost classified ads are billed a certain charge per word, so you want to keep your words important and precise. Once you have written your ad, take a closer look at it. Can you eliminate extra words without changing the meaning?RESPONDING TO INQUIRIESOnce you start getting responses from the classified ads, you should send out your sales literature immediately, definitely within one week. The goal is to convert the inquiry into a sale and convert the sale into PURE PROFIT.THE RESPONSE PACKAGEA typical mail order package – called a conversion – consists of a personal letter, a brochure, an order form, and a return envelope. How elaborate you wan to make your conversion depends on how successful your product seems to be selling and how much money you want to invest.HOW TO PREPARE SALES LITERATUREThe sales letter promotes you as well as your product. It is a personal appeal to a potential buyer. You want the person to feel special and have a reason not only to look through the rest of the literature, but TO BUY YOUR PRODUCT.ORDER FORMSIf you have only a one-page sales pitch, you need to provide space for an order form. It should be well-defined by a line or dotted line around it, and should be large enough for someone to write in the information. If you plan to send out a complete packet with sales letter and brochure, print up separate order forms.PRINTING A BROCHUREPreparing a brochure or sales catalog is not as difficult as it may seem. It doesn’t have to be a glossy, four-color fancy booklet. You can send out even a one-page description of the product and an appeal for ordering.MAILINGYou can obtain a bulk rate permit at the post office if you send out at least two hundred identical pieces at a time. They must be presorted for destination. The bulk rate cost is lower, but it takes much longer for the mail to be delivered.KEEPING RECORDSIt is extremely important to keep accurate records in mail order. It is only through these record sheets that you can determine which ad pulls the best, which advertising lead is the most enticing, and how well your product is selling,cheap spyder ski outerwear for kid. Good records are the follow up of good testing.HOW TO CALCULATE PROFITTotal the amount of cash sales. That is your gross profit. Subtract the cost of the product. Subtract the cost of the product. Subtract the cost of mailing. Subtract the cost of conversion and the cost of the ad. That is your net profit, the one that counts. Just stick with it, and you can WATCH THAT PROFIT GROW bigger and bigger each ad, each conversion, each sale.EXPANDING AND GROWING RICHEROver the years, good buyers purchase many times your initial investment in classified ad space. A first buyer indicates a second sale; after that, you have a regular customer who may purchase for years.EXTRA APPEALSOnce you get rolling with your mail order business, you can try any number of incentives to solicit orders. You can offer a free gift – or free anything – certificates, coupons, fabulous prizes.SATISFACTION GUARANTEEDNot only must you print a guarantee in all your ads and sales literature, but you must honor it. Never send inferior merchandise,spyder ski jackets; never take a chance on faulty mailers or guess lower on postage. Deliver a complete product.MAKING MORE FROM A WINNERYou’ve got a successful product. The conversion for orders is high, refunds are low, and the draw form the classified ad is great. How can you make more money – even if you think you’ve saturated your market?YOU AND THE LAWYou do not need a special federal or state permit to operate a mail order business. The material you sell must be legitimate however, and you cannot be deceptive or misleading in claims or advertising.ACT NOWClassified ads are the best way to make a high income return from limited sources. You can buy the extras you’ve wanted, send yourself on an exotic vacation – even create a profitable yearly income.