You’re thinking about taking that leap of faith and building a web-based business, joining the other 125 million entrepreneurs that populate today’s web. So you talk to some friends, you do a little research on site designers and maybe you even call one. Be sensible and take it slow. No need to jump in head first, right? But what do you sell? Products? Services? It might be products or it might be services – the web is all about selling. However, with 125 million web sites already live and 6,000 new launches daily, you might be a bit behind the curve.Why are college grads choosing entrepreneurship,mens spyder ski pants cheap?In this economy it is no surprise that recent college graduates are working odd-jobs to support themselves, but what is surprising is that many new graduates are choosing entrepreneurship over a traditional career path. They live nomadic lives, and many graduates are re-thinking the corporate path in order to start their own Internet company, many times, over the objections of their parents and friends. Entrepreneurship is about risk taking…right? So many college grads are rejecting the corporate career path to form their own start up. Entrepreneurship is about perusing a bigger dream….being an Internet entrepreneur which means you can work whenever you want, wherever you want, and be your own boss. The kind of risk that many college graduates are taking leads to them having a different lifestyle than a traditional employee: no office, no desk, and just laptops and lots of energy. Now that companies are shaking off the recession and aggressively recruiting vendors to partner with, there are more options for people looking to start a new business and leverage their skills in order to build their own dream.Top 10 tips for entrepreneurs starting a new business:1. Start with a business plan.If you wrote out your business plan on the back of a cocktail napkin, you’re almost certainly not yet ready for tip #2. What are your company’s goals and objectives? How fast do you think your company will grow? Who will be your primary customers and how many do you need in order to break even? Without a business plan, your dream of starting a new Internet business is still in the fantasy stages.2. Niche marketing or mass marketing?Competition on the Internet is brutal and you can’t be all things to all people, so many Internet entrepreneurs are choosing the niche path in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. Niche companies must offer a limited product line because the size of the market is much narrower and the needs are much more homogeneous. Mass marketing, on the other hand, is wider in its scope. Mass markets sell products to larger consumer groups. Web based, mass marketing makes use of general keyword and meta titles in order to capture a larger audience. To reduce the risk of mass marketing, plenty of mass marketers instead make use of niche marketing. Niche marketers make use of specific keywords in order to faster gain valuable traffic.3. Determine the market potential of your product or service.Do your research and determine whether or not the service or product you plan to offer is marketable. How does your product or service differ from everything else on the market? If the answer is “not much” then you need to re-think your product or service. Remember that you’ve got to convince lenders, employees and others that the market you’re after is relatively large and growing. You will need to be a sales person in order to be an effective entrepreneur.4. Determine your demographic.Did you know that older users – especially technophobe’s – don’t use the browser’s back button. Heck, a lot of these oldie but goodies don’t even know they have a back button on their browser. They don’t even know they have a browser. On the other hand, if your sweet spot is the 16-30-year-old male buyer, you can get away with using cool graphics to pull in these savvy web surfers to look around your web site. If you’re selling to older buyers, keep it simple. Younger buyers, keep it smoking’.5. Put your most popular or enticing offerings on the home page.Remember…. when you have enticed a new Internet user to browse your page,mens moncler ski jackets online, you have exactly 10 seconds to grab that visitors’ attention. So, take extra care in designing your home page,cheap spyder ski wear, but don’t assume that all visitors will land at your front door. Depending on the query words entered by the search engine user, that visitor may end up on a landing page deep within the site so every page should have a little something special to keep visitors on site long enough to buy something.6. Social media is a valuable source of traffic to your web site.Create an attractive introduction to your business including:services or product offerings
daily specials
professional affiliations, i.e. the Better Business Bureau
referrals and linkage (ask happy customers to provide testimonials to the quality of whatever it is you do or sell)
directions to your location
your business telephone and email address7. Search engine optimization – SEO is crucial to the long-term growth of your web site business.With the evolution of social media marketing, it is easy for new Internet entrepreneurs to overlook this crucial source of traffic,north face jacket for kid. And the most important thing to remember is… in order to generate traffic to your web site, you need to provide valuable content to your visitors. Valuable content on the Internet comes in many forms such as videos, articles, and images. But for search engine optimization, original, quality content is an absolute necessity. If you are not a writer, hire someone that is. Or better yet, brush up on your own writing skills. Remember, being the CEO of a web-based start up means you will need to wear many hats and writing is something that is a good use of your time. Write each week and post to your web site or blog. Proof read and spell check before posting online.8. Email marketing is not dead-it’s gone mobile!Start early on and develop and maintain a quality email list of people who are interested in receiving weekly mail outs of your content. Do not buy email lists and if someone opts out of your list, immediately remove their address from your database. Remember, quality is key. It is better to have a list of ten readers who are genuinely interested in your content, rather than one thousand email addresses of people who could not care less about looking at your email. Put a well designed “sign up form” on your web site. Draw attention to your “sign up form” by hovering it over your web site or adding an attractive icon to it and catch visitors’ attention. Make it enticing to join your list by offering a coupon, giveaway, or valuable information.9. Client relationships are everything!Provide warranties and guarantees for the products and services you are selling and back them up with quick, absolute attention to detail. This is the least expensive trust-builder the small business owner offers. Few buyers ever return products so provide an iron-clad guarantee of satisfaction and post that guarantee all over your web site.10. Never give up and mange your time wisely.Never give up… that goes without saying. But remember this in your daily routine,spyder ski hats sale. And as an Internet entrepreneur, your time is one of the most valuable resources that you have so mange it wisely. When you’re the company CEO and custodian, time is money and you don’t want to waste either so, as you grow, you’re going to need outside help to keep up with an increasingly large list of new customers that you build over time.The economy is improving; providing opportunities for entrepreneurs.Yes, the economy is improving. This opens up a wealth of opportunities for business coaches, distributor agents (those who want to get people on their team to distribute products and services), as well as virtual assistants and the like. The downturn has also meant that many new business start-ups are looking for ways to build their business on a minimum budget. This could simply mean getting special deals from companies to buy products or services for their business as well as joining with others to collaborate in projects so they can share leads, and both parties can build their business.All the work and energy that you put into your business adds up to value – goodwill value for your new clients or customers. And when you stop to think about why you are busting your butt to build this business……well, it’s because you are an entrepreneur.

Have you ever heard it said, if it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger? While it’s not always the most wonderful thing to hear, history seems to have proven that it is true. People facing challenging times not only learn from their mistakes, but they’re forced to get creative and come up with new ideas and solutions. Oftentimes, a new and greater success rises from the dust.During times of heavy unemployment and economic challenge, this type of idea gets tested time and again. We’ve all heard the stories. John Doe heads into work one day, thinking it’s just another day at the office,cheap spyder ski wear. Only this isn’t like any other day he’s experienced before, in fact this is his last day on the job.Unexpected layoffs are announced regularly, sometimes with no warning at all, and thousands of people find themselves without work. No work means no income. People in situations like this face many emotions of fear, uncertainty, shock, and surprise. The road ahead often looks rough and a bit gloomy.But does it have to? Is there a way to make something good happen out of a bad situation? Another saying comes to mind, and that is, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. In fact many individuals have found that the sudden realization of being without work was just the impetus they needed to move forward in a new and better direction.New businesses are started every day by men and women who have found themselves in a do-or-die situation. The internet is full of examples of situations just like this. The rise of new opportunities in online business open the door for people to work from home, with little or no start-up expenses,cheap moncler jackets for men. The blogger at ChristianPF(dot)com tells a story of just this type of situation.Laid off from a five year position at a brokerage firm in 2008, he had to decide between looking for more work in a challenging job market or pursue a real income from his blog. The blog was just showing some signs of profit-making potential. He chose the blog and within a year had replaced his full-time income. The business has grown from there,kids north face jacket.HartfordBusiness(dot)com tells the story of Barbara Rodriguez who was laid off from a hospital job almost a decade ago. She was shocked, but the article quotes Rodriguez as saying “When one door closes,womens moncler jacket, another opens.” She was referring to the business she started which offers translating services. Her company did over seven hundred thousand dollars in business in 2008.Online marketplaces offer many creative entrepreneurs a way to make money quickly without much effort in start-up expenses. Etsy(dot)com is an online venue for individuals to sell handmade items such as art, pottery, paintings, and even downloadable greeting cards,kids spyder ski jackets cheap. A story on the company blog tells about an artist, Laura of slippedstitchstudios, who was laid-off eight weeks into maternity leave. She dedicated her time to her online store and now earns a full-time income at that pursuit.The idea of turning adversity into opportunity is nothing new. Famous business moguls of American history, such as Andrew Carnegie, started with nothing and worked through challenges that would seem impossible to many today, yet managed to build an empire. It’s a great aspect of human nature that times of unemployment and economic instability always coincide with an increase in creative thinking and new ideas.

One of the most beautiful things in the world in a fine opal set into precious metal. The internal play of color and the mesmerizing flashes make it hard to tear your eyes away from its good looks. Historically believed to be a lucky charm fallen from Heaven in flashes of lightning, many people shy away from wearing opals because they believe them to be bad luck. What is this tantalizing gemstone that has inspired so many myths and what is the truth behind its reputed bad luck?Opal is one of the most coverted gemstones in the world and the birthstone of October. Literally meaning “change of color precious stone”, the name “opal” comes from the Latin word “opalus”, itself derived from the Greek “opallios” meaning “change of color”; and the ancient Sanscrit “upala”, meaning “precious stone”,cheap spyder ski clothing. This is a perfect description because opals are most prized for their unique fiery play of color, called opalescence. It is the fifth most sought after gemstone after the “Big 4″ of diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire.Opals were considered lucky,spyder ski suits for kid, bringing beauty, success and happiness to its wearer by the ancient Greeks; they were thought to symbolize hope and purity by the Romans; and were thought by the Arabs to provide protection from lightning strikes and shield the wearer from undesirable elements in daily life. With all these good opinions, just how did this glorious gemstone become denounced as the bearer of bad luck?It all started in 1890, when a new supply of opal was discovered, which was so beautiful, with bedrock and a play of color contained within the gemstone that had never been seen before,cheap moncler vests for men. Previous supplies of opal into Europe had come from Indian, and the Middle East to some extent but had mostly come from Hungary. The new deposit of opal was so fine with fusions of color plays so striking that it simply outshone other supplies of opal,cheap spyder ski wear.As it began making inroads into the European market, the new opals started threatening the established supply lines. To defend their market, the Hungarian opal suppliers claimed the new opals were not genuine. They claimed the beautiful new opals were fakes,womens moncler vests cheap.This caused a huge outcry amongst opal lovers, who did not know what to believe. The situation was made worse when Sir Walter Scott fabricated the myth in one of his novels that opals were bad luck for anyone not born in October. This would probably have been the nail in the coffin of the European opal market had Queen Victoria not stepped in. She finally dispelled the myth of opal’s bringing bad luck when she decided to give opal jewelry as gifts at a Royal wedding!

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When people start to build a Personal Training Business they just want to get personal training clients…nothing fancy. Just clients…ones that pay preferably so specialising in a particular area doesn’t cross their minds,kids spyder ski jacket.If you do any other read up on marketing (which I recommend you do) you’ll hear that you HAVE to specialise and “If you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll appeal to no one” these kinds of sayings have truth but are not very helpful to you when you are starting out so I’m going to try to expand on them to give it more meaning in your marketingWhen you generalise (try to appeal to everyone) you:- Have no real focus in your marketing,cheap spyder ski wear, your materials are a little woolly and don’t address a specific program that your potential client base has- You won’t know where to start with your marketing e.g. if you help anyone who wants to tone up and lose weight, where do you go? But if you help bodybuilders with their 16 week contest preparation, or office workers with lower back pain, or first time half marathon runners with their 12 week training, or new mums with fat loss. You can find out where they congregate online and offline,spyder ski suits for women, write your marketing according to them and make it specialist- Just because you specialise in training cage fighters, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take general PT work of tone up and lose weight, just you market to your most specialist and profitable nicheWhen you specialise- You can work out when, where and how to market, you can target the right people who can pay the right price for your services-You can build your brand effectively to that niche and position yourself as the expert in your area- You can direct your own self development so that you learn and are constantly at the cutting edge of your niche. Over time this will really establish you as top of your fieldSo should you specialise, yes definitely, my niche has always been Fat Loss for office workers in the city centre where I live, this is the premise of my early riser bootcamp,kids moncler vests, its before work (7am) in the city centre, and I launched it through the corporate membership channel and daily deal, and now word of mouth. In time, most of your personal training work should come by word of mouth

During a recent presentation we were discussing the importance of being able to deliver a clear, concise message when you first meet with a prospect and we agreed that a quick, thirty second introduction would be an effective approach. A participant challenged me, saying that an introduction of this nature sounded canned and rehearsed. As he recited his opening message, I fully agreed with him–it did sound canned. Not to mention extremely difficult to understand.Unfortunately, he made one of the fatal mistakes that many sales people make when they first introduce themselves to a potential customer or client. The mistake is to barf on them. Not figuratively of course. But verbally.-Too many sales people mistakenly believe that they should open their conversation with a background and history of their company,spyder ski suits for women. Or, a complete description of their products, services,mens north face jacket, or solutions. It’s seems like they can’t control what comes out of their mouth once they open it. They puke. They barf. They spew all over themselves.A great opening message or introduction follows a few key criteria.-It focuses on the other person.-It conveys how you help your clients and customers.-It is easy to understand.-It does not contain an excess of adverbs or adjectives.-It intrigues the other person.-It must be delivered in a conversational tone.Most sales people start talking about their products or services instead of focusing their attention on the customer. The best way to do this is to state the benefit of your product or service and how it relates to your customer. Here is an example,”Mr. Adams, I’m Pat from Geeks R Us,spyder ski outerwear for men. We specialize in helping small businesses like yours fix computer problems. The reason I’m calling is to see if you ever have experienced computer problems, and if so, how they have affected your business.”Notice that this introduction briefly describes the sales person’s business while clearly describing the problems they solve,cheap spyder ski wear. It is brief–forty-two words in total–and it takes less than fifteen seconds to state. That means it is very easy to understand.Your introduction or opening should be scripted. However, one of the challenges of creating a script is that it must sound like something you would actually say. I don’t know about you, but most of the people I know don’t use many descriptive words when they speak. And, very few people write the same way they speak. The individual in my workshop had memorized a written statement that described the services he provided. He wrote something that he thought looked good on paper but it ended up sounding forced and stilted when it was spoken. Part of this was the number of adjectives and descriptive words he used. Limit your use of descriptive words. The shorter and more brief, the better.While I believe in the use of scripts, they cannot and must not, sound like a script when you recite it. Your opening or introduction MUST be delivered in a conversational tone if you want it to achieve the intended results.Consider the difference between a highly trained actor and a typical telemarketer who calls you in the evening. The actor portrays the emotion and feeling while the telemarketing simply reads the words. This means that you need to practise reciting your opening or introduction so it sounds natural. Relaxed. Conversational. If you’re not sure how your message sounds, ask someone you trust to evaluate it for you.The barf factor also applies when you are delivering a presentation about your products and services. Instead of talking without taking a breath during the presentation of your product, pause after a few moments and make sure that your customer is still following you AND paying attention. It never ceases to amaze me how often a sales person actually speeds up when they notice that their customer is tuning out or no longer paying attention. As if that’s going to keep the other person’s attention!Lastly, be careful not to barf on your customer when he or she expresses an objection. It is far more effective to empathize with the customer and check to make sure that you fully understand their concern BEFORE you present a solution. I have watched hundreds,mens spyder ski outerwear store, if not thousands, of sales people in my workshops barf on their customer as they try to overcome objections. They ramble on and on trying to convince the customer why they should make a buying decision instead of making one key point and checking to see if that makes sense to the customer.Barfing shows a lack of control. I mean, you can’t usually control this bodily function when you are sick. And when you barf on someone during a sales conversation, it shows the same lack of control. Demonstrate your superior skill and ability by controlling what you say and how you say it.

It takes a lot of hard work to tone abdominal muscles and make them look as good as those you see on models. And for people who do not have the luxury of time, this seems like a very elusive dream. But then again, there are tools out there today that promise to shorten the interval between flabs and rock-hard abs. And as an added bonus, they don’t even push you to sweat it out and hurt yourself doing crunches. The Flex Belt is such a tool. And it has received positive feedback from a lot of its current users. Now,moncler jacket for women, you might feel like that is all you need to know to be convinced to pick up the phone and order yourself one. But you need to read this Flex Belt review further and orient yourself to other advantages as well as the disadvantages of the product.Aside from what has been mentioned, it is also important to highlight that Flex Belt has been medically as well as FDA approved. This indicates that its unique operation have been found to provide results that match its claims without endangering the lives of its users. It’s actually one of the rare equipment that possesses such a title. The Flex Belt makes use of electric muscle simulation to contract the abdominal muscles, without having you exert effort, and contouring them so they appear as you’ve always pictured them to be. Moreover, they are so effective that even trusted publications and celebrities have endorsed it including Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan as well as Lisa Rinna, Dr,cheap spyder ski wear. John Porcarci and Olympic Gold medallist Janet Evans. It also doesn’t hurt that it has small, handy features that make them perfect for discreet usage. And that distributors hand out 60 day money back guarantees for folks who do not find any positive development in using the product. This tells you two things – that you can insure your investments and that it only takes two months until you get results. And as if that’s not enough, every Flex Belt purchase entitles you of bonuses valued at $100 which consists of an advanced patented meal planner as well as one year free subscription to a health-lifestyle magazine of your choice,spyder ski pant for kid.Does it sound too good to be true? Well, at some point, yes. And this wouldn’t be a fair Flex Belt review if the negative attributes are not also lain out on the table. First of all, it is an expensive product, sold at $200. You could get discounts up to $50 but that barely makes it reasonable, especially considering it is not a commodity. On top of that, detractors are concerned about how it reprograms a person’s psyche and makes him or her think shortcuts are the best way to go about fitness, health and wellness,womens north face jacket. It takes a while for people to grow back into the right mind set. But having gotten positive reinforcement from the experience of Flex Belt,north face ski jackets sale, they might not go back to thinking exercise and proper diet keeps one’s body in shape. And then of course, there is that possibility that the expected progression may not be realized with every user. Obviously someone 250 pounds heavy will not form abs as fast as a person who weighs 175. So people might set themselves up for disappointment when using the Flex Belt. Nevertheless, all can be dealt with proper education. Given all the upsides, it’s kind of hard not to give the Flex Belt a chance.

Last week I spoke to the Greater St. Louis Dental Society. My session was filled with primarily hygienists, receptionists and chair-side assistants.We explored something I call The OING Model.Oing represents four types of encounters between employees and patients, each of which is an opportunity to inject (no pun intended) a little more of your personality into each encounter.About 160 people filled out index cards with potential lines, expressions and greetings that were a bit more creative, fun, unique and of course, approachable. Many of these suggestions are listed below, along with a brief description of each category. (Remember: not all of these are gold. It’s an exercise in creativity that brainstorms ideas to make your patients feel more comfortable in a more unforgettable environment.)O – OPENERAnswering the phone in the office, possibly greeting a walk-ino “This is Beth, I’m here to help…”o “Smiles are our business, how can we make them yours?”o “Good morning, and how can we help your child smile today?”o “You have the pleasure of talking to Rena…”o “Lovely morning to ya!”o “World’s greatest dental office…”o “This is your hunting dentist…”o “Damn we’re good, when do you want to come in?”o “Hello, flash us your smile…”I – IN A MINUTETelling a patient you’ll be right with them during a busy timeo “I’ve lost my mind – you can help me find it in just a sec…”o “OK, give me two seconds. Start counting…NOW!”o “I’ll be with you as soon as I catch this kid,womens spyder ski pants…”o “You’ll be the next smile taken care of.”o “I’ll give you a chance to bite me in just a minute.”N – NEXTInviting the next patient in line to enter the officeo “Are you ready for the best cleaning of your life,womens north face jackets sale?”o “Hurry or I’ll start without you!”o “Come on in,cheap spyder ski outerwear for men, your smile is waiting!”o “Get moving!”o “Ready or not, here I come!”o “Did you draw straws?”o “Did you flip a coin,cheap spyder ski wear?”o “Are you ready to rock and roll?”o “Come on down! You’re the next contestant at…”o “Let’s get this party started!”o “My superpowers have been recharged: I’m ready for you now!”G – GOOBYEAs patients exit the office,womens moncler vests sale, you give them a lasting impressiono “Don’t forget to scrub them bugs away!”o “We’ll see you in 6 months or 6,000 smiles!”o “Power to the Plaque Miester!”o “I’m so glad you got to see me!”o “See ya later alligator!”o “Alright, I’m finished picking on you.”LET ME ASK YA THIS…Do you OING?LET ME SUGGEST THIS…Brainstorm five new ideas for each of the four encounters with your staff. Try them out, then call me in the morning ;)

On behalf of the man on the move and busy,cheap spyder ski pants for women, shopping for men’s white gold ring online is possibly the most handy way to purchase this popular variety of accessory. Men are preliminary to harp on the trend of wearing white gold ring as classy accent pieces to their attire to add individuality and stylishness.The online world provides a wealth of choices when it comes to men’s white gold ring. You can find variety of necklaces, bracelets,moncler jackets for women, rings and cufflinks in online jewelry stores which offer a range of unique styles that can be appropriate any man looking to accessorize,cheap spyder ski hats.When shopping for men’s white gold ring online, look for stores that offer great discounts if you purchase from their online store. A lot of these online jewelry stores can afford to give bighearted discounts since they don’t pay for overhead costs.Just like shopping for anything online, check the legitimacy of the site by making sure they have secure payment options and if they have good feedback from past customers by viewing online forums. Do take the time to view their product terms and conditions before making that purchase,cheap north face jackets for women.The excellent sites to purchase men’s white gold ring are those that offer 24/7 customer service or those you can straight away contact and inquire from just in case you happen to have questions about their products.Going shopping online for men’s white gold ring is not only convenient it’s more cost efficient too. Just make sure to follow these tips for a safe and intelligent way to shop for jewelry online,cheap spyder ski wear.

Lapel pins are badges that are custom made, for specific occasions such as, team promotions, awareness programs, award ceremonies, community campaigns and other special events. Lapel pins are available in different varieties,womens spyder ski jackets. These include, offset printed, photo- etched, laser printed and enamel plated, to name a few,womens north face jacket. They come in various finishes and attachment accessories that help the pin to remain attached and firm,spyder ski jacket for men. These attachment accessories come in different shapes and sizes too.Various ornate artwork and designs can be etched on these pins, as they are meant to depict the message of the organization or event that they symbolize. Different shades and color combinations adorn the face of the lapel pins. The colored areas of the pin are etched on the metal, separated by the rest of the surface, to make the colors stand out. Lapel pins come in various shapes and sizes and are adorned with glossy finishes, to protect the coloring from fading or cracking. Enamel is the most commonly used material for making lapel pins. They are decorated with different colors, images, insignia or emblems and are molded into various shapes and sizes.Several lapel pin manufacturers and dealers supply custom-made lapel pins. Customers can go through the varieties and then order according, to their specific need and choice. Dealers offer free artwork and designs, depending on the number of orders. They also offer free shipping in selected parts of the USA,womens spyder ski jacket. Information and descriptions on the pins and the processing involved are available on the websites. The processes include die struck soft enamel processing,cheap spyder ski wear, laser printing, offset printing and photo etching. These products are rated according to their quality and popularity. Dealers can be contacted on the telephone or by e-mail. A little research helps to ensure a good deal, prior to a purchase.

For most people in the world, the hardest challenge is to walk up to someone you don’t know, introduce yourself and then wait to be accepted,kids spyder ski jackets. Hope that you aren’t rejected. Pray that the other person reaches back to you. It’s kind of like being back in High School….even as part of the popular crowd, most of us were afraid of not being accepted by our peers.One of the ways of starting the sales process is to attend Networking Events. Though it can be daunting, it’s a great face-to-face way to begin building relationships and put a human face on the sales method.These tips will give you the insight, strength and fortitude to Humanize the Sales Process at Networking Events.1. BRING SOMEONE(s) WITH YOU. There is strength in numbers. When you bring a friend, colleague or family member with you, most of the time you rise above yourself and face the challenge with grace and dignity2,cheap spyder ski wear. FIND THE AMBASSADOR(s). Most good networking groups have assigned personnel whose job is to introduce you to other members of the group. These Ambassadors often take the job because it gives them:(A). The ability to be on the inside track with the group which makes them feel a sense of belonging(B). They get into the function at no cost (a nice perk!)(C). They are good at schmoozing and are able to help others…they pay it forward!If there are no Ambassadors, consider approaching the person(s) running the event and ask them if you can be an Ambassador. It gives you the opportunity to be on the inside track and have a little control of the situation!3. ASK SOMEONE YOU KNOW TO BRING YOU TO EVENTS. I go to a TON of networking events. My sister-in-law Sue started a jewelry business. Sue is an intuitive, affable, kind person who truly cares about others. When she talked to me about coming to one of my networking events I was THRILLED to bring her along. I believe in paying it forward, so I was happy to bring her AND, there is personal strength in numbers so it would help me AND, I am delighted to introduce Sue to the friends/acquaintances/networkers that I have come to know because she is a delight! Plus, selfishly, I get to spend some time with a great sister-in-law. DO THE SAME,mens spyder ski pant! Ask family members/friends etc to invite you to some of their events. It’s a win-win for all!4. EXCHANGING BUSINESS CARDS. When at a networking event, it is far more critical that you take biz cards from other professionals than to give yours away. When you take a biz card, you take control of the follow up. When you give your biz card, you are hoping (praying, fingers crossed) that you will be contacted. Get biz cards from everyone you meet and then,5. FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP,spyder ski goggles sale, FOLLOW UP,moncler vest for kid…..BECAUSE THE FORTUNE IS IN THE FOLLOW UP! Take the bull by horns and send an email, send a hard card through the mail and make a follow up phone call. Stay in touch. Send tips, suggestions for growth, insights that might be helpful to the other professional. Pay it forward and build the relationship based on what’s best for the other person….NOT WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU. In paying it forward, you will reap rewards, I promise!Put a human face on your business by finding and meeting the needs of the other person. In doing so, you will humanize the sales process. In building relationships, you will humanize the sales process. If you are reaching out to help others, you make the whole process about caring and sharing as opposed to “closing the deal.”I look forward to hearing your successes, because you will have many when you humanize the sales process. Yours in Humanity, Lori