The popularity of silver rings might have those who haven’t caught on yet wondering why so many people consider these pieces must-haves. Unique silver rings suit any style or taste and there are a number of reasons why you should love silver rings as accessories,spyder ski pant for men.1,north face ski jackets sale. They look greatNo matter what your style is, you’re sure to find silver jewelry you love. Silver rings have the look and shine of white gold or platinum and even if you go for the handmade variety, they will still cost you less than more expensive metals. Silver rings are a beautiful way to express your personal style.2. The costWith the cost of gold and other precious metals at all-time highs, buying high-quality jewelry can seem out of reach for some people. But unique silver jewelry are as beautiful as they are affordable. For a fraction of the cost of gold and platinum, you can get several silver jewelry that look just as pricey,spyder ski hats sale. And no one but you has to know that you didn’t spend a fortune on your fabulous jewelry collection.3. The careSilver handmade jewelry is a snap to take care of. Silver jewelry contains copper, which adds hardness but also contributes to tarnishing. However, silver jewelry that is worn often doesn’t need to be cleaned as much because your natural body oils help prevent tarnishing. Silver jewelry can be washed periodically with mild dish soap and warm water. And for more advanced cleaning, line a bowl with aluminum foil and fill it with some warm water and baking soda. Allow your rings to soak for a few minutes and they’re good as new with a little polishing with a polishing cloth.4. They make great giftsSilver rings are great for both men and women. If you’re unfamiliar with the person’s taste in jewelry you can go for something simple and classic. If you know exactly what they’d love,mens moncler ski jackets sale, you can go for something more elaborate. Either way, your gift is sure to be a hit and you won’t have had to spend a lot,kids spyder ski pants online.5. There’s so much to choose fromIn recent years, many more people have channeled their creativity into designing silver rings. The Internet has helped these designers make their pieces available to everyone with a computer so the selection for the consumer is as great as it’s ever been.6. Silver rings are versatile enough for everyoneWhether you’re a flashy kind of gal or a subdued kind of guy, there are silver jewelry out there for you. They’re great for any occasion – a formal gathering, a night out with friends, going to the supermarket!

When a customer asks you a question, do you double-check your assumptions about their intended outcome? So often we take inquiries at face value, or simply assume we know what is meant. No matter what your job, you have customers, and clarifying their intended outcome is smart business.Examining Customer’s Intended OutcomesAn intended outcome may be quite different from the words a person chooses to make a request or to give you feedback. Different personality types shape our phrasing as well as our hearing. Have you ever played Boggle? It’s a letter-scramble game that challenges players to identify as many words as possible, and typically, it’s quite surprising to see that another player has a completely different point of view and hence, a unique list of words. Similarly, every interaction we have with a customer poses the possibility of mis-matched speaking and hearing.Furthermore, the big picture may be unclear initially. It’s like the story of the blind men who touch an elephant and describe it… one touches the tail and says the elephant is a rope, another touches the trunk and says it is a snake, another touches the ear and calls the elephant a fan. By asking a few questions about the customer’s statement, you can discover the context of his or her perspective. This allows you to respond more accurately and satisfactorily from all parties’ perspectives. Effective customer listening boils down to sincere curiosity about the customer’s viewpoint.Examining Your Own Intended OutcomesOn the other hand,mens spyder ski pants online, when you interact with customers, are your own intended outcomes clear in your mind? Do you have the customers’ best interests at the forefront of your motives? If not, your true priorities will become apparent, and trust will erode. With all our emphasis on customer relationship management, surely we want to carefully hone trust-building,north face ski jacket. A conscious effort is typically necessary to assure our own customer-focused iintentions are not overshadowed by our other needs.What about the intended outcomes of your promotions and customer programs? For long-lasting customer profitability, make sure your initiatives and campaigns put the customers’ interests first, and the company’s interests second. This applies to customer surveys,spyder ski pant for men, customer care financial incentives, loyalty perks, experiential marketing events, CRM, touch-point management, and basic marketing and business policies. Customers are savvy, not naive. Customers are informed, not ignorant. Or at least, they can quickly become savvy and informed. And customers are vocal. Make sure your customer care approach contributes to the long-term value of your brand and your customer relationships,cheap spyder ski suits for men.Customer Experience EquationSatisfaction with the customer experience can be summarized as a simple equation: reality must be better than or equal to expectations, from the customer’s viewpoint. Communication plays a massive role, as it helps define both expectations and reality. To improve customer experience, make sure you accurately understand intended outcomes (expectations),mens spyder ski outerwear sale, and ensure that you accurately deliver (reality), as judged by your customer in every interaction.