It’s not enough to achieve some or even most of your customers’ expectations – your objective is to meet them all. Yet, this can be quite a challenge during peak times when the counter is backed up, the phone keeps ringing and you are short personnel in will-call.Defining an “A” player is not difficult, if we focus on meeting customer expectations and striving for service excellence. These objectives require specific skill sets. Remember, one of the key factors of success is building relationship equity. Good relationships set the stage for the development of “A” player habits. Anything that could harm the relationship, misrepresent a product or aggressively push items a customer doesn’t want might damage the relationship and ultimately lose the customer.It’s much easier to help a customer buy something than it is to sell him something. I can almost read your thoughts, “What exactly does that mean?” Well, it means helping a customer buy is all about helping him figure out what he really needs and what will give him the best value. You gain his trust by offering him choices and letting him decide. Of course, you can make recommendations. In fact, determining his or her needs,spyder ski suits for women, problems and issues is part of the big picture service formula and becoming a total solution provider. That is what being an “A” Player is all about,moncler jacket for women.The “A” Player Profileo The customer always comes first in his or her mind.o He or she understands and can explain the difference between price and cost.o He or she understands value propositions and can sell based on value overcoming price objections.o Listens carefully and asks questions to really understand customer needs.o Confidently embraces suggestive selling by offering additional products to complement or enhance an order.o Service excellence is a top priority.o Knows the top 20 customers.o Willingly pitches in to help other personnel maintain overall service excellence.o Takes calculated risk in the interest of relationship equity. Isn’t afraid to think outside the box when servicing customers (e.g.–buying product from the competition).o Maintains a very low error rate.o Proactively seeks sales growth and margin improvements through new customer development and penetration, increasing existing customer share of spend.How the “A” Player Focuses on Service ExcellenceThe actual tasks performed by customer service personnel vary widely from one company to the next. Job responsibilities depend upon industry experience, product knowledge and company size. The smaller the firm, the greater the tendency for customer service personnel to “wear numerous hats.” The larger the company, the greater the potential for specialization where counter sales handle customer walk-in traffic and follow-up with others handling inbound calls, purchasing, mailings, quotes or providing technical support, for example. No matter the level of specialization or lack of it, every inbound call and customer contact is an opportunity to enhance your sales relationship and prove you deserve a customer’s business.Actual Tips from “A” Player Customer Service People#1: Pay Attention to the Relationship DetailsThe problem with customers is: they’re just like us! They like dealing with people who are pleasant and smiling. Customer service personnel who appear to enjoy their jobs and who make customers want to deal with them achieve greater success. The perfectly processed and delivered order experience can be marred by a less than enthusiastic attitude. Even though customer service personnel handle many calls and walk-ins each day, every contact should demonstrate an energetic and positive “can do” attitude. Personnel attitudes can be discerned from customer remarks. For example, one customer says, “They do a good job handling orders, but they make me feel like I’ve just interrupted something important or that I’m asking for the impossible whenever I walk in.”Don’t underestimate the power of your tone of voice or facial expression. Like it or not, we judge others and customers judge us this way. Do you sound harried, bored, bothered or too busy to care? Or does your voice, your face and your body language project an attitude that encourages customers to build a relationship with you?#2 Quality Products and Quality Service Begin with Quality ThinkingService excellence is built around a series of “moments of truth” that your customers experience during their interaction with you. Every person in the organization, even those you may not think of as customer service personnel, has the ability to make a positive impact on service excellence. From the way the telephone is answered, use of voice mail, error-free orders, accurate billings, realistic promises made and kept, to the integrity of the information you providethese are all moments of truth affecting service excellence. You, however, are on the front line and the first level of “offense.” You are the customer’s primary contact, and customers expect you to help them do business with your company and make it a pleasant experience. They also want you to solve problems and coordinate with other people and departments.o “What’s the reason for the price difference between this order and my last one,cheap spyder ski outerwear for men?”o “Who should I talk with about a billing problem?”o “How should I handle this return?”o “Do you have a catalog you can mail me?”o “Can you send me a sample of that?”o “Can I get freight paid on that order?”These are all questions you’re expected to answer. Quality thinking means focusing on the customer’s needs and making sure those needs are met.#3 Take Care of Your Customers and They Will Take Care of YouYou’ve probably heard of the KISS principle: keep it simple stupid. As funny as it may sound, it’s really just good business practice. When customers find it easy to do business with you, they keep coming back for more because people do business with people they like. Consider why you select the suppliers with whom you do business. Why do you go to one bank versus another? Why do you have your car serviced by one dealer versus another who may be closer to you? Why do you prefer a certain restaurant? Why do you select a particular dentist or doctor or favorite retailer? Chances are your selection criteria parallel that of your customers. You probably like the people or know you can depend on their thorough service.Or, perhaps you enjoy the fact they recognize you and remember your name and make you feel important, or you consider them to be professionals who know their business, understand your needs and take care of them. There’s no secret to what keeps customers coming back for more, thereby contributing to the growth and profitability of your company. If you don’t provide service excellence, if you don’t build relationship equity, if you really don’t sincerely care about your customers’ needs, rest assured someone else will. In essence, Not caring means you will lose that customer.#4: Do It Right the First TimeWhat’s the cost of an order entry error? What does it cost the company for a return goods authorization because the customer got the wrong product? What does an order pricing error cost? What is the real opportunity cost of a lost customer due to poor quality or lack of service excellence? Each time an order is handled more than once, handling costs increase through what is called cost-redundancy, i.e., doing the same task over again. Mistakes mean corrections are necessary, work is duplicated, a credit may need to be issued,spyder ski suits for men, another delivery must be made, the wrong product must be returned, and the customer is generally annoyed if not angry. Errors can lead to the ultimate loss for a company: a lost customer.Remember this guiding principle: It’s not a travesty to lose an order. But, it’s never OK to lose a customer.The real loss to the company is not just the value of the order in question. It’s the life-long value the customer represents to the company, presuming repeat business with the customer is maintained. Oftentimes, situations or errors that cause accounts to become inactive go unnoticed for some time by the company. No one realizes the customer is unhappy. In fact, sometimes no one notices that the customer is gone and no one works to get the customer back. As a matter of fact, most unhappy customers don’t complain, with only about five percent of dissatisfied customers actually aggressively voicing their dissatisfaction with the company. The majority of the customers may identify the problem, but say nothing about their total dissatisfaction with the company. Eventually, this frustration builds to the point that the customer just goes elsewhere. Not only do they leave, but on average, the dissatisfied customer will tell up to 20 others about his or her negative experiences with your company. Don’t fail to recognize that negative word-of-mouth is more influential than advertising.#5 Always Give Customers More Than They Expect to Get (The “WOW” Factor)How do you define your competitive advantage? What is it? What’s the difference between your company and your competition? “A” Player customer service personnel can answer that question distinctly without a second thought. However, many counter personnel reply: “We’re about the same. We all have about the same products. Sometimes we have something in stock that the competition doesn’t, so that’s one difference.”Your primary competitive advantage lies in the hands of your customer service employees. You must recognize that and be proactive in leveraging it. If what you are selling is really good but your employees don’t focus on service excellence eventually you will lose because the competition that recognizes the role the employees play in customer loyalty and retention will take your business.Nowadays,kids spyder ski pants sale, customer service personnel must be problem solvers able to generate solutions for customers in their time of need. Therefore, they must possess a great deal of knowledge about your customers’ business. They must actually define what those needs are because the customer may not know, nor take the time to explain if they do know. Customers expect you to have the knowledge and intelligence to comprehend and analyze their problems and provide solutions. Customers will listen and buy from the customer service people that understand their “pain” and take it away.”

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Sterling silver jewelry is loved by men and women for its pure, bright color. Sterling silver has become more expensive over the last few years as the economy has waned. There are still many good options available for finding affordable prices on sterling silver though; you just have to be creative in your approach.The list below includes some interesting options for finding good prices on sterling silver that you may not have considered. Deals can be found in the most unlikely places if you know where to look. A bit of creativity can lead you to places where great deals can still be found on the sterling silver you are looking for.Number Four: Pawn shops,kids spyder ski suits. Pawn shops are one place that people do not often consider when looking for a good deal on jewelry,spyder ski suits for women. A lot of people sell jewelry to pawn shops or jewelry stores. You can find great prices on amazing jewelry at these places. There are many resale shops, stores, pawn shops, and jewelry stores with small or large selections of used jewelry on offer.Number Three: Swap meets. Swap meets can be a very good place to find deals on a wide variety of items and people often do not even realize this. There are often amazing deals on large wholesale lots of sterling silver jewelry being offered at swap meets. Many vendors at these swap meets will part with items at exceptionally low prices because they simply want to move their stock. This is an opportunity to find unbeatable prices.Number two place to look for great prices on sterling silver: The Internet. There are numerous wholesale and discount or closeout websites that offer great prices on sterling silver jewelry. This can be a rather difficult method to employ because it takes a lot of searching and research to find the best websites to use. Many of the best websites do not even offer an online catalog or online buying because they move stock too quickly. It is worth the time to request a catalog and price list,kids spyder ski outerwear store.Number 1: Internet auction sites. There are not as many deals available on auction websites as there used to be, but if you are patient the deals are still out there. It can really pay off to keep an eye on online auctions because deals will pop up from time to time. Deals can be found on single pieces or large lots this way. The down side is that you cannot go back for more; most online auction deals are a onetime occurrence.Be creative when you are looking for a deal. A little bit of creativity in your shopping and buying habits can lead to great things in a tough economy. The things you want are not outside your grasp, but changing the way you approach the deal may be the best way to save money and find what you are looking for.If you want to buy sterling silver jewelry it is important to act fast because the price of silver is going up almost every day and it seems that this trend will continue in the near future. The positive side to this is that the silver you buy today will be worth more than you paid for it tomorrow. Silver can be a great investment in today’s economy,womens spyder ski suits sale.

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When people start to build a Personal Training Business they just want to get personal training clients…nothing fancy. Just clients…ones that pay preferably so specialising in a particular area doesn’t cross their minds,kids spyder ski jacket.If you do any other read up on marketing (which I recommend you do) you’ll hear that you HAVE to specialise and “If you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll appeal to no one” these kinds of sayings have truth but are not very helpful to you when you are starting out so I’m going to try to expand on them to give it more meaning in your marketingWhen you generalise (try to appeal to everyone) you:- Have no real focus in your marketing,cheap spyder ski wear, your materials are a little woolly and don’t address a specific program that your potential client base has- You won’t know where to start with your marketing e.g. if you help anyone who wants to tone up and lose weight, where do you go? But if you help bodybuilders with their 16 week contest preparation, or office workers with lower back pain, or first time half marathon runners with their 12 week training, or new mums with fat loss. You can find out where they congregate online and offline,spyder ski suits for women, write your marketing according to them and make it specialist- Just because you specialise in training cage fighters, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take general PT work of tone up and lose weight, just you market to your most specialist and profitable nicheWhen you specialise- You can work out when, where and how to market, you can target the right people who can pay the right price for your services-You can build your brand effectively to that niche and position yourself as the expert in your area- You can direct your own self development so that you learn and are constantly at the cutting edge of your niche. Over time this will really establish you as top of your fieldSo should you specialise, yes definitely, my niche has always been Fat Loss for office workers in the city centre where I live, this is the premise of my early riser bootcamp,kids moncler vests, its before work (7am) in the city centre, and I launched it through the corporate membership channel and daily deal, and now word of mouth. In time, most of your personal training work should come by word of mouth

So, you are thinking about Popping the Big Question. You’ve got the world by the tail, your present is full of excitement and new beginnings and the future is bright and holds lots of promise. However, you want to make sure you keep it all headed in that direction,spyder ski suits for women. To keep the momentum going strong, you will need to be cool, calm and collected in the decisions you are about to make.As you have probably guessed by now, I’m referring to diamond engagement rings and making the right decision concerning purchasing that perfect ring for your “fiancé to be”. Your decision could either haunt you or pay big dividends for many, many years. Trust me on this one.Choose the Right Shape & SettingThere are many diamond shapes from which to choose: Round, Marquise, Emerald, Oval, Trilliant, Quadrillion, Pear, Radiant, Cushion, Heart,womens moncler vests online, Princess cut etc. Round diamonds are the most traditional, but other shapes lend themselves to being more unique, less worn and can reflect an individuals’ uniqueness more than traditional shapes.Do you think she would prefer a solitaire diamond, or a ring with multiple diamonds? A large diamond mounted by itself without other diamonds can be very elegant, especially if you choose a custom setting (ring) that isn’t featured in every jewelry catalog. Custom jewelers and designers focus on these types of settings. If you feel she would prefer a large diamond with smaller diamonds surrounding it for even more brilliance, you can choose a custom setting or a standard ring which is made to accommodate all of the diamonds.Budget – How much should you pay,spyder ski pant for men?The prices for wedding engagement rings range from inexpensive to prohibitive. A common question when purchasing a diamond engagement ring is how much should you spend? The commonly accepted guideline for purchasing diamonds is two months’ salary. That number may work for some people and not for others, but it’s a good starting point. You can at least be reasonably assured that your fiancé will be very pleased if you stay at or above this guideline. She will also be the envy of her friends whose rings may not meet this standard. However, if you are shooting well below 2 months’ salary, be careful! You should know your fiancé very well if you attempt this, as you certainly don’t want her friends’ rings to overshadow hers. That will bring about the “haunt you” reference I made in the second paragraph of this article.So, for this major investment, where do you shop? This day and age, you have multiple options.Option 1: Online diamond retailersThere are many online diamond retailers from which to choose at your leisure. Many also include valuable tips and information on their websites. And because they don’t have to pay brick and mortar rent or mortgages, their overhead costs are lower and their prices typically reflect their lower costs. The way it typically works is you purchase your diamond or diamond ring online and have it sent to you. If you like it that’s great and you most likely saved money and sales tax if you live in a different state from the company and if that company doesn’t have a physical location in your state. If you don’t like the diamond or ring, simply wrap it back up,womens moncler jacket, insure it and send it back. You can then start all over again with another diamond and/or setting. In terms of service, many online jewelry sites are excellent and they can provide the proper certification from independent laboratories if the diamond has been certified. If not, they can arrange it for you. They typically offer money back guarantees as well.Option #2: Retail jewelerBy selecting a well-respected retail jeweler, you will have face to face access to a salesperson and can ask any number of questions. This can be good or not so good depending on if you are outgoing or reserved. Salespeople can be overbearing if you let them since they typically work on commission. You will have an opportunity to compare diamonds against each other, receive help from a knowledgeable salesperson and receive a valid certification of the diamond you purchase. A reputable diamond retailer will provide a money-back guarantee, so you can return any diamond for a full refund or exchange. And many will also allow you to upgrade your diamond at any time.Option # 3: Wholesale Diamond DealerWholesale diamond dealers can be found in every major city. They typically specialize in selling loose diamonds of ½ carat or more. They can also arrange for rings as well and often have many styles to choose from. They typically have lower personnel costs than major jewelry retailers and thus don’t have to have as high of markups as brick and mortar retailers. Some have been around for quite a while and some come and go. They are often located in office buildings that allow for electronic surveillance and remote locked doors you navigate to enter. They are similar to online diamond retailers in that they can save you money over retail jewelers. However, you will pay sales tax and again you may feel pressured to buy certain diamonds because you are face to face with the salesperson.Option # 4: Estate jewelerAntique and estate diamond jewelry hold great appeal to some women. There are retailers who specialize in estate jewelry; and independent jewelers who may carry a few estate pieces. Estate jewelry is previously owned jewelry and as such it may not appeal to everyone. However, if you enjoy old diamond shapes and cuts and aren’t as concerned about brilliance, this could be an option.For virtually every budget,spyder ski gloves store, every personality and taste, there is a diamond that will surely please the one you love. Also, remember that a diamond engagement ring stands for your love and commitment, and is typically more important to a woman than the size or cost of the stone. With that being said, women are social creatures and like to talk and compare. You certainly want to make sure you cover all your bases since women can have very long memories.

During a recent presentation we were discussing the importance of being able to deliver a clear, concise message when you first meet with a prospect and we agreed that a quick, thirty second introduction would be an effective approach. A participant challenged me, saying that an introduction of this nature sounded canned and rehearsed. As he recited his opening message, I fully agreed with him–it did sound canned. Not to mention extremely difficult to understand.Unfortunately, he made one of the fatal mistakes that many sales people make when they first introduce themselves to a potential customer or client. The mistake is to barf on them. Not figuratively of course. But verbally.-Too many sales people mistakenly believe that they should open their conversation with a background and history of their company,spyder ski suits for women. Or, a complete description of their products, services,mens north face jacket, or solutions. It’s seems like they can’t control what comes out of their mouth once they open it. They puke. They barf. They spew all over themselves.A great opening message or introduction follows a few key criteria.-It focuses on the other person.-It conveys how you help your clients and customers.-It is easy to understand.-It does not contain an excess of adverbs or adjectives.-It intrigues the other person.-It must be delivered in a conversational tone.Most sales people start talking about their products or services instead of focusing their attention on the customer. The best way to do this is to state the benefit of your product or service and how it relates to your customer. Here is an example,”Mr. Adams, I’m Pat from Geeks R Us,spyder ski outerwear for men. We specialize in helping small businesses like yours fix computer problems. The reason I’m calling is to see if you ever have experienced computer problems, and if so, how they have affected your business.”Notice that this introduction briefly describes the sales person’s business while clearly describing the problems they solve,cheap spyder ski wear. It is brief–forty-two words in total–and it takes less than fifteen seconds to state. That means it is very easy to understand.Your introduction or opening should be scripted. However, one of the challenges of creating a script is that it must sound like something you would actually say. I don’t know about you, but most of the people I know don’t use many descriptive words when they speak. And, very few people write the same way they speak. The individual in my workshop had memorized a written statement that described the services he provided. He wrote something that he thought looked good on paper but it ended up sounding forced and stilted when it was spoken. Part of this was the number of adjectives and descriptive words he used. Limit your use of descriptive words. The shorter and more brief, the better.While I believe in the use of scripts, they cannot and must not, sound like a script when you recite it. Your opening or introduction MUST be delivered in a conversational tone if you want it to achieve the intended results.Consider the difference between a highly trained actor and a typical telemarketer who calls you in the evening. The actor portrays the emotion and feeling while the telemarketing simply reads the words. This means that you need to practise reciting your opening or introduction so it sounds natural. Relaxed. Conversational. If you’re not sure how your message sounds, ask someone you trust to evaluate it for you.The barf factor also applies when you are delivering a presentation about your products and services. Instead of talking without taking a breath during the presentation of your product, pause after a few moments and make sure that your customer is still following you AND paying attention. It never ceases to amaze me how often a sales person actually speeds up when they notice that their customer is tuning out or no longer paying attention. As if that’s going to keep the other person’s attention!Lastly, be careful not to barf on your customer when he or she expresses an objection. It is far more effective to empathize with the customer and check to make sure that you fully understand their concern BEFORE you present a solution. I have watched hundreds,mens spyder ski outerwear store, if not thousands, of sales people in my workshops barf on their customer as they try to overcome objections. They ramble on and on trying to convince the customer why they should make a buying decision instead of making one key point and checking to see if that makes sense to the customer.Barfing shows a lack of control. I mean, you can’t usually control this bodily function when you are sick. And when you barf on someone during a sales conversation, it shows the same lack of control. Demonstrate your superior skill and ability by controlling what you say and how you say it.

Choosing to use a physician answering service might seem expensive when you look at it at first, but once you’ve spent some time speaking with a potential answering service,mens spyder ski pants online, if it’s a good one,spyder ski suits for women, then you can start to find ways that it will actually save you more money. Here are just a few ways that you can save with this type of service.One of the main ways that you save money is by making your office more efficient without hiring extra people. Some smaller operations only have a couple of nurses and a couple of receptionists, and often this results in patients who wait for long minutes on the phone just to speak to someone. If you want to avoid this situation but can’t hire more employees, a call answering service might be an excellent idea.You see, with a good calling service for physicians, you only pay for the minutes that you actually use. So if extra calls aren’t coming in,moncler vest for men, then you aren’t paying. If they are coming in, though, the price you pay will be well worth the customer satisfaction that you’ll get because your patients no longer have to be put on hold for long periods of time.Patient satisfaction is the other way that you can save money. Losing a patient simply because he or she was on hold too long is a costly proposition, much more costly than the service that you’ll pay for if your patient’s call gets routed through a physician answering service. Plus, if you’re one of the few doctors around whose patients don’t have to wait to reach a triage nurse with medical questions or a receptionist with insurance questions,spyder ski hats discount, then you’re likely to end up building up your business through referrals, and the money you’ll make will far outweigh the money you’ll spend.As you can see, there are plenty of ways to save money with a calling service for your medical office,moncler vests for women. You may also be able to get good deals on things like disaster recovery services, which are particularly important for medical offices whose patients might need help after a natural disaster in the area. Again, since you’re only using these services on an as-needed basis, they aren’t costing you a fortune in monthly or yearly fees. You can set up a plan that is exactly what you need it to be whenever you need it to be there.

If you operate any type of business, one of the most important aspects of your business is marketing. The term marketing encompasses a variety of topics from advertising to press releases, but to get the most bang for your buck and still maintain a budget, there is nothing better than FREE marketing. Below we cover a few of the sources that can provide free marketing for your business, some you may have heard of and some you may currently utilize.1. Local Listings: When establishing a business, local listing are paramount to your success. All 3 of the major search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo offer free local listings for businesses. But there are hundreds of other places to list your business for local searches such as Yellopages, Brownbook,spyder ski suits for women, and Merchant Circle just to name a few,cheap spyder ski clothing. Listing local on these site require you to register,kids spyder ski outerwear sale, but the results are well worth the effort.2. Social Posting: Another place your business should be is on social posting sites, but not as an advertising, but more as a resource. When social posting is mentioned the first things that come to mind are Twitter and Facebook, but these are just two of the hundreds of social and bookmarking site available to get your business information out too. A good resource to start with is SocialPoster, this site allows you to post to hundreds of social and bookmarking sites,spyder ski pant for men.3. Directory Listings: Over the past few years this source of free marketing has gotten a bad reputation due the abuse by spammers, but directories operators have implemented programs to stop such abuse. The object of directory listing is to get categorize correctly for your type of business, even though directories have taken a hit, the search engines still crawl them for new sites.4. Press Releases & Articles: Still two of the most popular ways to get information about your business, and show that you are a expert in the field are the press release and the article. Finding the right sources to submit your information is very important, because a well written press release or article can grow your business exponentially.These are just a few of the ways you can receive free marketing without breaking the bank, the Internet is full of great resources to help make your business venture a success, and the majority of these resources are free. To get the most out of your marketing efforts requires a marketing plan, and a little bit of time, but done right could increase your business in no time. For more small business advice and tips,spyder ski jacket for women, please continue to read the Excelsior Small Enterprise Organizations Blog at

In the sales process there are many mini sales that are made that most sales people don’t recognize that are even being made. When I sold insurance door to door the first sale was to just to be welcomed start the presentation! Enthusiasm, a friendly smile, high energy and the belief that everyone could benefit from what I was selling were the keys to getting the sales presentation started,mens spyder ski outerwear cheap.The next step of the sales process was the make the prospect like you or feel comfortable. Humor was the key here; smile and laugh. If people will laugh with you they will buy from you. Don’t tell off colored jokes or use inappropriate humor. Simply use you warm personality and if the opportunity presents itself, make fun of yourself and then laugh it off. A good example of this would be; purposely drop your pen or some other object and then laugh about how clumsy you are. Everyone has had a time when they are clumsy,kids spyder ski jackets online. Your prospects laugh with you and then also relate to you since they have probably been in a similar situation.Then I had to make the person see the need, feel the pain that they would experience if they did not purchase my product. Now I had to demonstrate with words how my insurance policy would fill their need and then I had to close the sale. Often the prospect would say NO, and not give me a reason why they would not buy. Other times they would give a reason as to why they felt that they were not interested in purchasing.Whenever the prospect gives you a reason they are telling you that you still have not shown them either the pain or the need your product fills. It is when they just say no, that you have to work harder. In either case, direct the prospect back to the key points of what you are selling and then ask a question designed to get a yes. Questions you might ask could be, “Do you see what I mean?” “Do you understand?” “Can you see where this would be a benefit to you?” Once they start saying yes then close them again. Saying yes over and over again will help the prospect come to grips with purchasing the product. And here is an interesting bit of human behavior that is helpful to know, if you can get eye contact as you ask your questions and slightly nod your head up and down as you ask your questions, you will subconsciously help the prospect to nod their own head which helps them say yes. You will find that very few people can say no while nodding their head yes,womens north face jackets cheap!It is my experience that sometimes 2-5 rebuttals were not enough to close the sale. But there were other times where it only took 1 rebuttal to close the sale and still others where it didn’t matter how many rebuttals and closes, the prospect just was not buying that day.The key to being successful when the situation occurs that the prospect is not going to buy that day no matter what you do is to recognize that you are not making the sale today and still leave the prospect on a high note. The last thing you want to do is keep trying to sell to an individual who is not going to buy and only drain energy from you. Some people won’t buy no matter what you do. Some people might cave if you badger them long enough, but in those situations you usually end up with a buyer who is remorseful and the prospect will return the product the next day or take advantage of a return policy which still means you lose your commission. So when you find the prospect that won’t buy today what can you do?Let’s first try to take advantage of the situation and treat them with the same attention and care you would give someone who is purchasing the product. Give an enthusiastic presentation and take the time to fine tune your skills on someone you know is not going to buy. Is there a rebuttal that needs work? Do you need to practice a portion of the sales script? Take your time and make this opportunity useful. It is better to mess up on someone who will not buy no matter what than someone who might buy if you do it correctly.Think of it as a pitcher who has to pitch live batting practice. They need to get the ball over the plate, but they need to work on their pitches so that when they do get into a game they will be prepared. After you have practiced on the prospect that is never going to purchase, don’t stop there. If you have been treating them with respect and they have opened up to you, ask for referrals. Just because they won’t purchase does not mean that they don’t know someone who might need what you are selling. If they don’t know anyone, then still look to gather some information about neighbors, friends, people they work with. At least you will be able to make a call on those people using the prospects name which will help you get started. Leave them enthusiastically and thank them for their time. You never know when you might have the opportunity to be of service to them and you want them to have a favorable impression of you when that opportunity occurs.By leaving them on a high note you take positive energy out of the opportunity that can carry you on to your next presentation. If you just give up and leave without anything, that will be all you remember. It is never good to leave with negative feelings. Accept that they were part of the sales game. You had to get through their no to get to the next person who would say yes,spyder ski suits for women. Someday they may need to buy and you want to be ready for that chance to come while knowing in your mind that you have behaved in a way that makes them want to work with you when the time comes that they are ready to buy,womens north face jacket!

Entrepreneurs today are inundated with claims by so many experts, each stating they have the key to your success. This has been especially endemic online. It could even be driving you crazy at times, eh?What’s amazing is if you have discovered your real success is inner-generated and you are living from your own deepest desires, then you are able to experience challenges and opportunities in a completely different light.Getting StuckYet, there still may be those times when you just get stuck, even with the best of intentions. And you find it very hard to keep your focus on visioning and living in the success you so desire. You lose the feeling for it and get caught up in your old ideas and limitations. Success starts to slip away again, and stress quickly enters to fill the gap.When you do pick yourself up, you wonder what all the fuss was about. Or you berate yourself for having fallen into those old mental pictures and ideas in the first place.Does this sound familiar? The good news is you are not alone. As Tulshi Sen says, “Success cannot be bought or learned… it must be practiced.The Master KeyI found it really helps when I meditate on the success principles of Ancient Secrets Of Success For Today’s World to dissolve the old triggers. With practice, I am becoming better able to laugh it off, instead of using negative thinking to dissolve negative thinking. Two negatives do not make for a positive outlook, do they?So how can you transcend the stressors of the day? Is there a ‘master key’ to free yourself from these de-energizers that are holding you back? If only you can remove your mind from sticking to your problems and instead free it to believe in the success you truly desire.Tulshi Sen shares, “Before a person can achieve anything, they must raise their thoughts and raise their belief level. You cannot fight against circumstances forever. It is tiring. You have to create new circumstances by raising your belief level.”Training The MindYou have to convince your mind that you are going to be successful,kids north face jackets, no matter what your present circumstances are today. This journey of the entrepreneur is led by the heart, not the mind. The mind’s place is to follow the Vision set by the heart.When we get it backwards, chaos, confusion and doubt take over. And there goes your success. Fear unleashed results in stressful,north face jacket for women, limited thinking,mens spyder ski suits.And, you cannot convince the mind with the mind. That’s what caused this predicament in the first place. Nor can you trick the mind over the long term. You need to transcend the realm of the mind and enter your heart to anchor in your dreams and visions. Leave them there, where you can nurture them.Imagination RulesEinstein said that you can’t solve a problem at the same level of thinking as you created it in the first place. He also said that imagination was more important than knowledge,spyder ski jacket for men.Imagination lives in the all-knowing heart. So the first priority is to find out your heart’s desires,spyder ski suits for women. Then you can take your trained and helpful mind along for your unique entrepreneur’s journey.

Sometimes when we start a business we get so focused on what we like that we forget the tide of trends. To stay current in your inventory sometimes it is wiser to pare down your offerings and make your menu of items smaller and more targeted. I found this to be the case when someone starts a web business. Probably you have big lofty ideas, but certainly not the pocketbook to fund them all,spyder ski suits for women.In order to make the most of developing websites with the funds available, begin to look for the hottest trends in the targeted area you chose. If you love western horses then find things that match your passion.It always seemed natural to build a website that every cowgirl or horse lover would gravitate towards. Great idea but it doesn’t always work right off the bat.There is so much competition because the western trend is growing by leaps and bounds. Don’t try to be too many things to too many people. Horse lovers do have many things in common but just like outside the horse world people tend to be individuals,buy and wear what they like,spyder ski jackets for men, usually it is what is trendy and popular at any given moment. A famous rider wins a big competition and wears a bracelet then BAM! that style is seen by scores of people and they will look to purchase similar styles.What is hot today is passe` by the end of the month.The same goes for western styles or horse themed items. Be it jewelry or clothing it can be a pretty tricky business keeping up. Big retailers aside, my thought is that I believe I found the best way to make a steady business is to find a niche and target group then try and remain current with what is happening in the field overall.What has been seen recently at Western and English events is that the western influence is everywhere, indeed hotter now than ever. It has become sophisticated, competitive, and sometimes highly profitable. People who ride western have different styles they prefer, classic ranch styles and the rhinestone cowgirl look. English riders have been seen sporting many previously “western only” accessories like changing their very plain belts to the western styles with conchos, applique cutouts and so on. The western theme seems to be pervading the entire fashion world where top designers now offer many items that look like they came right out of the west.So how do you compete with the thousands of merchants trying to get a piece of the hot fashion trend while still remaining current? My answer is find a target audience and cater to them.Chose a rather small target group, set forth on a mission to represent their styles. Try to find out everything you can about their events,fashions and obviously what was selling at the big retailers. Find companies or artistsans that make unique wares. Look and see what the tourist trade at these events.Since western events tend to be big tourist business, try to cater to them wherever they live as well. Once tourists visit an event, a decent portion of them will continue to “return” to it. even in spirit,womens spyder ski pants online. They continue buy items that look like where they have been and enjoyed themselves. Some become completely immersed in the culture.With the advent of internet sales they can easily search for those items,womens moncler vest. Your job is to be there when they do!Investigate manufacturers and craftsmen,cheap spyder ski jackets for women. It isn’t easy and it takes time to develop a “brand” however as with everything in life you get out of it what you invest in time and effort.While this approach may not work for everyone it certainly is one way to capitalize on a very hot fashion trend that doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon, rather continues too evolve and grow exponentially.Whether you chose a narrow target group or decide to cover all the bases, western style is here to stay… at least for the foreseeable future.Happy trails to you! Deborah G Flynn